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Following are the 10 modules in the Basic Trading Course.

A share market, also referred to as a stock market or equity market, is a coming together of buyers and sellers of shares and securities listed on a stock exchange. In simpler terms, the stock is a share in the ownership of a company, which is a representation of a claim on a company's assets and earnings. Owning stocks is among the best tool for building wealth as you embark on your journey to realize financial freedom. The beauty of investing in the stock market is, that no work is required as all you have to do is sit and watch as your company grows while collecting dividends. In recent years, the stock market has witnessed massive changes driven by constant improvements in trading technology. Anyone can now own stocks given the high popularity of this lucrative investment plan. Just like any other investment, investing in the stock market needs thorough research of the market before committing any of your money.

If you are ready to buy the first stock, there is need to learn stock market training course. The first step in stock trading is finding the right stock to purchase; you need to do research for this. Before you begin looking you need to decide whether you're going to buy and hold or buy and sell. There's a difference in what you look for when you do each type of strategy. Infinite trading academy teaches you all knowledge of trading with a practice.

Technical analysis is the way of forecasting or analyzing the price movements of stocks and shares in a share market. This analysis brings about the scope for certain predictions that are totally based on the behavior and movement of the stock prices in comparison with the market presence and previous moves with respect to the time frame. This analysis depends on the trend of the market and is a pretty essential concept considered by the active investors in the financial markets. An individual who is regarded as a professional in this technical analysis is called as a technical analyst and s/he can suggest the investors about their moves in the share market.


Stock markets are the most volatile ones as they come across several fluctuations. These lead to changing trends that are generally transient in the unstable markets. They have a great impact on the values of the stock market and should be analyzed properly in order to achieve success. Therefore, the need for some experts in the fields is found increasing thus experts in infinite trading academy give good technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis of stock can be done by looking the company's condition, whether it is a good company or not. Here are some criteria you need to check.

The company is market leader in the industry. Market leader is one of company's competitive advantages that differs them from other competitors. Company which is a market leader can raise their product or service price easier. Other competitive advantages you can look into are patent, strong customer base, brand and strong management.

The company has low debt equity ratio. This means the debt is low compared to equity. With low debt, the company can borrow more money to expand their business. Companies with high debt equity ratio are also risky because when business turns bad, their huge debt can cause additional problems. Companies with high debt equity ratio will have to pay more interest for their debts. In infinite trading academy give best knowledge of fundamental analysis from Professional expert.

Positional trading. What Is a Position Trader? A position trader buys an investment for the long term in the expectation that it will appreciate in value. This type of trader is less concerned with short-term fluctuations in price and the news of the day unless they alter the trader's long-term view of the position. Infinite trading academy teaches all about positional trading.

Risk comes from not knowing the results of your actions. At the same time, it is equally true that the root source of our earnings lies in our ability to take risks. Business, they say, is another word for taking risks. For any investor, risk is a fact of life.

It is said that the more risk you take, the more income you can make. The deeper you dive into the ocean, the more valuable gems you can find. The opportunity to make profits from your investment is associated with the possibility of suffering losses as well. While this argument is true to a great extent, taking risk should not become a game of gambling.


Risk management, first involves understanding the risks and then devising measure to secure against them. You need to properly evaluate the market risks and the level of uncertainty surrounding them. Once you understand the nature of the risk and the level of your tolerance, the element of fear associated with risk is substantially reduced. In infinite trading academy teach Risk management successfully.

Stock portfolio management is the process of managing your stock portfolios to get the maximum profit with minimum risks. It is considered a highly dynamic process, as re-evaluation of investment plans is done continuously whenever market value changes.


For stock portfolio management services, you need the help of a financial advisor. He provides necessary information to meet your investment objectives. He assesses your holdings and develops a planned procedure to attain the goals. On the other hand, the investor should know certain things that help him take proper decisions. If there is more money, it is better to invest in different stocks and industries, because some investments are highly risky, and some are slow growing. Also, it is important to collect necessary details about the company before investing.

Stock portfolio management helps you reduce risks in investing. It manages the whole process of investing in stocks. Stock portfolio management acts as a catalyst to combine various ingredients into a successful investment strategy. To minimize the management processes, stock portfolio management software is also available. Stock portfolio management monitors prices and other factors involved in buying and selling of shares. Infinite trading academy teach successfully portfolio management.

Commodity trading is an investing strategy that involves buying and selling commodities. Commodities are defined as something that is considered to be of value, has a quality that is standardized, and is produced in large amounts. When people invest in commodities, they usually think in terms of 'commodities' that are resources that may be purchased for a wide range of uses. For example, metals whether precious or non-precious, are considered a commodity and traded on the basis of the wide range of goods that can be produced using them as a key ingredient.

Currency trading is the buying and selling of currencies around the world. It is a large and highly efficient trade, generating billions of dollars every day. Unlike other stocks such as stock exchanges, currency trading does not have a definite time to trade. It happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Option trading systems are a method of generating buy and sell signals through a tested method of stock analysis. The system can be based on any type of option strategy and includes both fundamental and technical analysis. Options trading systems might focus on changes in underlying stock price, volatility, time decay, unusual buy/sell activity, or a combination of these elements. Essentially, it is a checklist of criteria that must be met before trades are entered. When all conditions are met, a signal to buy or sell is generated. The criteria are different for each type of options trading strategy. Whether it is long calls, covered calls, bear spreads, or selling naked index options, each has its own trading system model. An options trading system that is worth will help you weed out false signals and build your confidence in entries and exits. There are professional trainers in the infinite trading academy who teaches option trading very clearly with practical knowledge.

Developing a proper trading mindset is a must for trading success and can take some time. This is not an area where we can take a shortcut. We develop the trader's mindset from actually trading and the experiences you gain from trading, but the good news is that you can learn from other people's experiences and make them your own.

The Trader's Mindset will helps to handle dropdowns, losses, and profits. 

Trading psychology is very powerful. If you show the same successful approach to one hundred different traders, no two of them will trade it exactly the same way. The infinite trading academy cures all issues of traders about psychological trading.

Here is a list of some common psychological issues:

    • Fear of being stopped out
    • Fear of not making enough profit
    • Fear of being wrong
    • Fear of success
    • Analysis Paralysis

Insider trading. However, there are two types of insider trading. one is legal, and the other is illegal. Legal insider trading is when insiders trade the company's securities (stock, bonds, etc.) and report the trades to the authorities such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Infinite trading academy teaches about insider trading.


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